Katie Lee Mars So this is me…Katie Lee Mars. I am a person who is gonna do stuff!

I have come up with the idea of The Five Lists Project, a way for me to fill my time and  broaden my mind…wow I did not intend that to rhyme. Damn it it rhymed again…..Anyway The Project.

The Project will consist of five lists. These will be made up of Movies, TV shows, video games, books and experiences. I will endeavour to complete these lists by October 28th 2016, or My 30th birthday.

Now I hear you saying ” Why on earth would someone want to do something like this…seems like a big waste of time”  Well you would be partially right..good for you, 6 points. It is a bit of a time waster I suppose…but aren’t most hobbies and events? Just a way to fill our time and see or do something…just anything…..I am not explaining this very well am I? Look I am gonna post a video that will hopefully explain this better. I will post the link below when I have finished freaking out about putting my face on camera and then putting that on youtube…Where is that paper bag?

ANYWAY…Thanks for the read and I will hopefully see you soon!



Cheers Kiddos,

–K.L. Mars

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